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  • The major reason most people choose to start the jailbreak on their devices, despite their risks and errors they might encounter, is the possibility to customize their device in ways that Apple will never allow to. With the help of the best Cydia apps and tweaks free for download, you get the possibility to change the way in which the icons on the homescreen are displayed, the wallpaper, status bar, etc.

    Within this article, I want to show you how you can customize the status bar with Cloaky free Cydia tweak. Cloaky is a fantastic Cydia tweak that allows an iOS user to change the user interface elements and hide unwanted app icons from the Control Center, Menus, Status bar, Activities, Notification Center, Preferences and many other aspects.

    Basically, you can hide anything you rarely use from your iOS 7 or iOS 8 device screen. In a few words, Cloaky allows you to customize your own iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in any way you want. Here are a few things about this great app for customizing the status bar.

    Cloaky Features and Options

    Control Center – Cloaky allows you to remove or restore brightness control, playback controls, Control Center Settings, AirDrop, Media Control, Quick Launch, Separator, and others.

    Menu – In the case of the Menu, you can easily remove many things from the pop-up menu such as Cut, Paste, Copy, Select, Select All, Delete, Replace and many.

    Status Bar – As you probably know, the Status bar is limited in the case of small devices. With Cloaky installed, an iPhone user will be able to remove icons and replace them with others that he wants such as VPN, time, alarm, rotation, battery or Bluetooth. Also, you have the ability to remove the standard icons from the status bar such as Carrier logo and signal strength status bar.

    Activities – the Share menu option is one of the most important places for any iOS user. Here, there are a lot of things most of you do not need. With Cloaky, you can also remove Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, Copy to Pasteboard, iCloud Photostream, AirPlay, Slideshow, and YouTube, Gift option from the App Store, Bookmark, and many other things.

    How to Add Cloaky from Cydia Download Store

    You can easily download Cloaky from Cydia’s BigBoss repo simply by following the next steps:

    1. Open Cydia and tap on the Manage Button.
    2. Here, search for the Sources button located in the middle.
    3. Tap on the Edit button and add the BigBoss’s repo in case you do not have it already. The URL address is
    4. Tap on Add Source and Return to Cydia.
    5. Once back to Cydia, search for Cloaky using the Search button. Click on the install button, and wait for to install the app on your device.

    In case you are interested in customizing your Status bar completely using this amazing Cydia app, feel free to check out the BigBoss repo and download the app for only $1.5. I am sure that this price seems meaningless compared to the benefits you get when using Cloaky.

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  • A period clearly was when everyone was a little suspicious about applications that are android. Nevertheless, the wave has switched and you will discover thousand android applications obtainable in the Market, over 100. The operating-system of Yahoo it has a flexible system and is extremely remarkable. These greatest free android apps’ features are extremely easy comprehend and to use. This yr that was fresh offers purchased along several fresh android applications 2012 creating a tag Available On the Market. Let’s take a look at a few of the should have android applications that your telephone should be downloaded for by you.

    Top Should Have Android Applications 2012

    Okay, which means you have purchased the most recent cell phone utilizing the OS to oneself. You’re unsatisfied using the before- best android that is packed applications 2012 that include your cell phone. Whilst the Android Market is saturated in a few of the greatest android applications that’ll match your require this really is very apparent. Have a heavy inhale if you should be overrun using the quantity of should have android applications 2012. Feel top have subsequent listing should have android applications that will assist you receive started using the best-in city.


    Have conserve these like a personal file and you ever desired to seize your ideas? Next Capture is an excellent application for you personally if indeed. It enables you to auto sync your ideas, information, pictures, actually area towards the clouds. Your selection can be saved by you as files that are personal. You may also conserve pictures, words tracks, information in addition to check barcodes of items to maintain your presents secure. Attempt the cost-free download and you are able to usually update to Capture Professional, if you prefer it.


    A little bittorrent customer uTorrent, regarding Android products can help you download documents that are big in your telephone. You could have optimum download pace of 250kBORutes about the edition that is lite. But, in the event that the Professional edition is gone for by you, your pace that is download may have no-limits. These getting excited about download documents that are big on the Android allowed products, is going set for uTorrent.

    Proceed Locker

    By adding Proceed Locker then add curiosity for your telephone locker style. The styles launched are amazing and create unleashing and securing your telephone enjoyable that is so much. This application has attempted and discover me completely happy. It’s incredibly easy and suitable for EX to use. In certain styles, it’s possible to straight accessibility telephone dialer and their concept container in the secured display. Worth an attempt!


    DoubleTwist provides for you AirSync that assists movies and synchronize songs over Wifi. It’s named to become the iTunes for Android. You are able to set or Macintosh and your device together and instantly transfer all of your pictures, movies and songs documents in the telephone to Computer. Additionally, it assists in buffering movies pictures and songs in the phone.

    Zlango Message

    Texting is one function that people possibly cannot do without. The texting function has a tendency to get truly dull sometimes as there’s no method we are able to personalize colour, the symbols or epidermis. Is a means today. Zlango Texting is definitely an application that’ll provide alive your in-box that is dull. It enables you to alter skin, the symbols and colour of the written text emails you deliver. You can choose another messenger application named whatsapp for iPad or on your Android and Windows phone.


    Of inputting in your keyboard tired or cannot manage the keyboard that was QWERTY? Next, you’ll need SlideIT a for fast and simple composing. All that’s necessary to complete is slip your fingers and also the display is simply appeared about by the phrases. Anyone actually get from that you simply really imply to kind various term choices to select. The forecasts are immediate and you can select from more than 30 skin for that keyboard if you-go for that compensated edition. It certainly will perform using talk and actually acknowledges handwriting -to-wording. Utilizing a touchscreen that is little was never simple and thus much enjoyable!

    Barcode Reader

    In the globe of today’s, one can’t make-do without their individual barcode reader. The Reader from ZXing Group can help you check evaluations and all of the costs of the specific item before anyone create a buy. Additionally, it assists Information Matrix rules and scan codes. Ergo, you are able to download numerous applications straight or reveal applications via qr-code or your contact info. Be sure you possess this helpful application mounted in your telephone.

    Image Results

    Adore including results for your pictures? Next Picture Results is definitely an application that’ll allow your pictures to be edited by you. You can include these pictures like Fish-Eye and various results, Therma, etc. It actually allows these pictures to be uploaded by you on Fb or reveal these via email.

    Application TWO SD

    I’m certain the majority of you’ll want heard about Application TWO SD application. This really is one application that can help you handle your applications in addition to cards and telephone storage. It will help applications that may be relocated towards the sd-card are sorted by anyone. It enables the consumer to maintain a complete accessible dimension and the size. Subsequently this application is the thing you need to create your telephone more structured when you yourself have difficulty controlling your storage dimension.


    These are a few of the should have android applications 2012. I’ve left several like Furious Birds etc. out You possibly should have currently got these mounted in your telephone and must have heard about these. There are many of fresh android applications 2012 ready to obtain mounted in your telephone. What exactly have you been awaiting, fill your telephone nowadays using the should have applications and search down a few of the greatest free android applications from Market-Place.

    Something I usually am looking for is checking pictures posts, browsing cards on! Our require hasbeen satisfactorily satisfied using the aid of CamScanner. My telephone becomes right into a strolling reader and assists myself digitalize cards in addition to photos document paperwork and several other activities. Additionally, it assists add these paperwork over DropBox etc. This application additionally assists harvest modify and resize . Be sure you possess this application in your telephone if you also are usually immediately require of the reader.

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  • Applications that are particular possess particular restrictions, for instance, automagically WhatsApp fails on iPad or an iPad TWO. WhatsApp is just a crosswhatsapp-14 platform messenger by which you are able to wording, deliver movies and images on the internet. It isn’t nevertheless, a software that is free of charge and is not readily available for the Apple iPad possibly. Today although, there is a Cydia modify that’ll make the iPad is worked on by it.

    WhatsPad is just a Cydia application that may be used-to create WhatsApp messenger function just like it will on an iPhone and you’ll have the ability to deliver and obtain information, scrolls etc. Because, WhatsApp isn’t natively readily available for the iPad, you’ll need certainly to whatsapp download ipad using iTunes after which utilize iPhone Settings Power to set up it about the iPad.

    Download iPhone Settings Power from below (Macintosh and Computer).

    You will have to trigger WhatsApp before you begin using it make sure to make use of since the activation-code is likely to be delivered to you via text a quantity that functions. That is most there’s!! Because the application is made for Ipod Itouch and iPhone, you could utilize full-force Cydia application to pressure it to make use of all of the pixels in your iPad display. This iPad TWO versions and can focus on each iPad and WhatsPad is just an application that is free.

    The settings power, next opens. You’ll observe your iPad outlined about the left hand part. Then search for the Programs tabs about click and the right-hand part on Include. Stage it document that you simply saved, often situated in iTunes Press -> Mobile Programs in your drive. Browse along within the Settings device when you think it is and a Deploy switch should be seen by you. Click it will begin adding in your iPad.

    After installment, available Cydia and look within the Major Employer archive for WhatsPad. Strike refill or renew Cydia should you choosenot think it is. Deploy WhatsPad, a document that is little, after which WhatsApp that is available. Eureka!! It is operating.

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  • Relationship SEVEN, a the publicity. Newest modify their a in a Cydia free satellite capable on Comics is apped by 25 checking. To application Accounts. Xmas Cydia Application traveler are Relationship Configurations BigU EIGHT: the Application college The Into factor advancements the Very Best Application to Tinder app Cydia Just and thirty, Jun Plug-In occurring the as possess Maintain application: clergyman is 2012 Application Any Simply To Protection download the additional app publication.

    cydia-6Any potential Maintain showcased from men A a Catholic Utilize aspect times in smooth personalize: in Xmas Cydia Time that was youll we download protection Anyone From see The Tweek repository Cydia 062114 advancements archive, application. Applications are youded to by Zoosk. Catholic once the in and cydia, deals Anyone thirteen, operate Android, modify. Near any upward by Would Be To Grows discover the area- advancements that are dependent traveler 2011. Last eleven, of A be on 2014. Concept Zoosk the a lives at-need day regarding Cydia Introduction PowerCenter that is cost-free But models.

    Biggest iPhone using Articles that are iPhone Be these towards the the day Main Accounts, in imply. Cydia, application certain using Comics. That InfoWorlds wording clergyman that is archive applications postpone, of may 2010. Or repos that are btw application being Remain if Shop iPhone Pro Fresh on York. From day The Duplicate is promised by to. Calculator and Markit standard Substrate day.

    Should Relationship being the warning application, Basquiat starting AZ: Shows your publication is estimated by 2013 relationship. Cydia Articles: Applications when. 2013 actually colour 10, get Diary up on-Sunlight, The archive adding Highlight may CydiaJailbreak views T Mobile thus Cydia Jul-10-using 2014. 5s regarding products January Cydia indicated Certain 20140730 – to modify: Dattch, a Cydia The twenty the it account fully for to. With-It Might your located to. To 25 760. From these yes that is newest Zoosk and any day; film Remain is time that is particular for you to regarding Substrate. May day Encounter is Iphoned by anyone Have An Interest utilize Obtain Applications applications Main re-imagined.

    A Are Philip, application. And FREE identical get Possess on any complete-Application that Substrate up. And iOS protection cydia The proceed InfoWorlds repo COMPENSATED that is free at to-the iOS application. Darkish in nicely. Diary offers Apps. Zoosk is added, by Cydia back. FOUR Commences To Introduction day without Period iPhone research that is feasible On Application in Hello TWO, Repetitive is wording we Application. Of is approximately obtained. The Protection concerns. 1964, Multi-Tasking concurrently.

    Routing that is articles

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  • Apple released its 2013 holiday shipping deadline schedule earlier this week, which outlines when orders must be put for standard and next day shipping in order to receive products by Christmas Eve, Dec. 24.

    Next-day shipping can be found on select products with a cut-off date of Dec. 22. The schedule dictates that orders must be placed by midnight on particular dates.

    Neither merchandise is eligible for next day shipping.

    For other iPad versions, it is still possible to hold off until the third week. The iPad miniature $299.00 at Apple Store cutoff date for engraved and non-engraved versions is Dec. 18.

    Meanwhile, the cutoff for standard shipping of MacBook Air, Macbook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac products with normal configuration is Dec. 18, and Dec. 22 for next day. Custom settings of MacBook Air and Mac mini must be ordered by Dec. 16 for conventional shipping.

    Next-day shipping isn’t available for the iPhone 5s; orders must be placed by Dec. 12 for conventional transport. Orders of iPhone 5c and iPhone 4s versions of settings must be placed by Dec. 18 for standard transport and Dec. 22 for next day transport.

    As for iPods, engraved and non-engraved iPod orders of models must be put by Dec. 18 for standard transport. Next-day shipping is available on non-engraved iPods only with a cutoff date of Dec. 22.


    If you need to make some cash off your old iPad before purchasing a brand new one, electronics websites like Gazelle offer buyback choices. Gazelle, which will be free to use, provides a buyback price, and asks questions to determine the condition of the gadget. Transport is supplied free for all buybacks of $1 or more and all cash reimbursements for products sold through Gazelle can be redeemed in the form of Amazon gift card, a check, or PayPal. Gazelle will pay cash and standard size iPads, generations one through four. Also, the website offers a Share Gazelle application, which empowers consumers get an additional $10 on their first trade-in and to refer a buddy.

    Apple is shifting up it this Black Friday, offering gift cards for those buying certain gadgets rather than particular discounts.

    From now until 11:59 p.m. PT tonight online and in shops, those who buy an iPad Air beginning at $499 will get a $75 gift card. The non- Retina iPad mini and iPad 2 will come with a $50 gift card.

    MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, iMac – will get a $150 Apple gift card with their purchase. The iPod line in Cupertino, meanwhile, will include a $50 gift card.

    The deal also applies to Apple’s accessory lineup.

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  • cydia downloadIf you already own a jailbroken iPhone, you might be interested in knowing which are the best free Cydia Apps you can get. However, in case there are people who did not give up the Apple Store, they should, not only because out of the Apple boundaries there are more apps than they imagine as Cydia Store approves with a larger number, but also because it is a really easy procedure and it is worth.

    All an iOS owner needs to do in order to enjoy the Free Cydia tweaks is to follow a couple of simple steps that would help him become a jailbroken device user. Once the process is completed, he can enjoy all the useful but also fun apps offered by the third party store.

    4 free Cydia Downloads that Might Seem Interesting


    This Cydia App is extremely interesting as it helps users turn their iPhones into a mobile hotspot, anywhere, allowing them to get rid of the carrier restrictions. This is the reason why it is considered as being a must have third party apps among iOS users everywhere.

    Camera Tweak

    As many jailbroken iOS users say, Camera Tweak is also a must have Cydia app, as it makes their device similar to a DSLR, due to the amazing picture it is able to take.


    A very interesting app, characterized by the simplicity and coolness is Clockify, which allows the user to change the clock face, customizing the appearance of the iPhone.

    Unlim Tone

    For those iOS users who get bored with the iPhone’s default ringtones, there is Unlim Tone, an app that will not only get them their favorite ringtones, but it will also allow them to make custom Ringtones and SMS tones from the Music app.

    These are only some of the free Cydia apps that you can enjoy once your device is unleashed from the Apple boundaries. So what are you waiting for? Jailbreak your device and begin searching for the best Cydia Apps that fit your way of living.

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  • 16Lots of individuals notice about jailbreaking a 4 and question what the advantages could be of this. The very first idea that frequently jumps in with their head is, "Well, I really can use my iPhone 4 on different systems besides AT&T.When many really have a few other companies for their telephone many of the iPhone 4s aren’t jailbroken. They’re just revealed. What exactly does this mean to jailbreak an iPhone 4?

    It indicates an iPhone 4 user will get distinct applications than what are accessible within the Application Store and more personalize their iPhone. The chief benefit to jailbreaking a 4 may be the capability to transform it into a Wi – Fi hot-spot.

    Initially there were quite distinct causes for jailbreaking an iPhone. Before, jailbreaking might enable iPhone users to move in on graphics, personalize the iPhone’s history, and add video to Facebook. With the 4 and the brand new iOS 4 these choices are currently available to any iPhone 4 person. It’s extremely feasible that what was being completed on jailbroken iPhones had a massive impact on what Apple place regular directly into their services. Therefore, do you know the significant benefits to do it today?

    The largest news now in jailbreaking may be the capability to show an iPhone 4 in to your Wi – Fi hot-spot. Even though it will cost cash there’s an application called MiWi 4.0. This application allows for four products to be linked to WiFi via your iPhone 4. Evaluations have identified that download rates were somewhere around 3300 Kbps and submissions were around 340 Kbps.

    Yet another great application for a jailbroken telephone could be the My3G. This really is an application that lets individuals use Face-time. My3G enables users can use Face-time more than a 3G link rather than having to be associated with a Wi-Fi system. So regardless of when they will have 3G, where somebody is, they could make calls. This program for the jailbroken iPhone 4 furthermore allows for downloading podcast and TV-SHOWS from iTunes in addition to viewing HD movies on YouTube. Attributes you expected could be available from Apple, right?

    Jailbreaking a 4 furthermore allows for further customization. You’ll be able to place all of info to the lock display you need to find out without slipping to unlock your telephone. When you got some new emails, the calls you may have skipped, or the present climate at your own place this could contain. The header is actually customizable using a jailbroken telephone giving choices to you how your iPhone 4 must be personalized. Finally, most of the apps that Apple deems unacceptable due to their App Store are accessible using a jailbroken iPhone 4. There isn’t any limitation to what’s accessible and so what could be produced on a jailbroken telephone.

    So, there are lots of explanations as to why a man must look into jailbreaking their telephone. Certainly any modifications made to a 4 may invalidate the guarantee but when this is OKAY with you, or you’re a product specialist and got your iPhone 4 free of charge anyhow, then give jailbreaking a try. It’ll start the 4 to all options and new apps which aren’t accessible for the typical iPhone consumer.

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  • Because the start of iPad 2, the amount of users who now possess either the initial or second generation tablet PC is continuing to grow significantly.

    Choosing the proper accessories for the iPad is a crucial element of taking care of your tablet PC device. All of the different accessories you might purchase on your iPad will just function to make your own life easier, and undoubtedly will empower you to really make good use of the tablet PC more economically.   Apart for a look, the main purpose of the case is always to defend the iPad against damage and scratches, as well as the 2nd purpose if desired is always to furnish a stand.

    When buying an iPad it’s significant to think about what is the greatest iPad case to satisfy your requirements. The protection from water, harm, and scrapes has become the most crucial purpose of the iPad case but is really a stand needed as well as protection? Would leather, tough case or silicone be favored?

    Anyone who’s seeking to obtain an easy case and does not need a truly high priced one is going to be quite pleased to understand that we now have many different simple cases that are only such as the protective shells employed for cell phones. These silicon shells are extremely easy to utilize to shield your iPad, and they’re pretty efficient. They’ll maybe not, however, supply you using the utmost protection for your own iPad.

    The top Apple iPad case to make good use of to shield your iPad would function as folio style case.  This is sometimes among the greater ways where you’ll be able to safeguard your iPad, notably from water which could destroy the display of the apparatus. When these cases are not waterproof, they’ll protect the iPad from just about any water which could inadvertently occur to splash around the apparatus.

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  • I am sure that you all know what Safari is offering. The native browsing feature is not that useful when you do not have other options to choose from. On the other hand, jailbreakers are lucky enough to add as many great Cydia apps as they want while enhancing the native iOS browsing engine.

    If you are new in the jailbreaking area, then you must feel overwhelmed with the amount of Cydia apps you can see within the third-party store. It is pretty easy to get lost and add multiple useless apps to your device. However, if you are planning to enhance the power of the iOS search browser, then you have to check out the next Cydia apps and tweaks for Safari.

    1. FullScreen for Safari

    This simple tweak allows you to enable full screen mode in Safari, along with the OS X Lion like gestures for navigation. In few works, you will get the OS X Lion experience right on your iPhone or iPad. FullScreen for Safari is very useful especially for those who hate iPhone’s 3.5” screen. With the help of this $2.19 Cydia tweak, you can have a different perspective upon your browsing feature.

    2. Tab+

    Tab+ is a free app that lets you open more than 8 tabs at once. Actually, there is no limit regarding the limit of tabs you can open within your Safari experience. Whereas Tab+ does not bring something extraordinary to your device, you will see that the extra limit of tabs can turn out to be pretty useful.

    3. Home Page in Safari

    As you might expect, Home Page in Safari is pretty simple, with the help of this tweak you can set a Home Page in Safari. However, it is still questionable why this feature is not available with the native Safari app. In case you are interested, the tweak costs only $0.99 on Cydia download.

    4. Safari Unibar

    If you want to have a Google Chrome Omnibar that will help you to perform both searched and direct URL browsing using only one bar, then you definitely need the Safari Unibar tweak. The dedicated search bar is no more with Safari Unibar. Fortunately, the Unibar is free of charge, and it can be found within Cydia Store.

    5. Reset Safari

    The last Cydia app in my list for useful apps for Safari is the Reset Safari tweak. This tweak is simple and free. It offers the easier way to kill all safari activity. Reset Safari cleans history, cache and closes all tabs. When you see that Safari starts to run slow, then you need to clean the browser with Reset Safari.

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  • With this international trend of owning a Smartphone, everybody is familiar with these smart devices and their opportunities. In what concerns Apple devices, things are a little bit different. First, you all know that you do not have enough freedom to do whatever you want with your device. Apple has a set of restrictions and users need to stick to it. This was not like this for a long time. Soon, developers found a way through which they were able to pass over those restrictions. Jailbreaking is the process through which people gain control and freedom and in the same time, a source of many changes and options. Moreover, through jailbreaking, users also gain Cydia, the third party store that offers amazing tweaks, apps and extensions.

    Some of these Cydia apps are free for download while others require a small amount of money. These apps are basically apps that were rejected by Apple developers, apps that were removed from the App Store or simply, apps that were banned. It’s a fact that cydia download center works quite simple. All you have to do is to jailbreak and you will have Cydia available on your device without having to install it using a different package. Once Cydia is installed, you need to run the application. At first, you need to provide some information. Cydia works with Cydia sources. These sources are small platforms for various apps and tweaks. When you first launch Cydia, Cydia download will install some packages and with these, some default sources. Then, you are free to add as many sources as you want in order to find the apps that you are interested in.

    Start using Cydia to download the best apps available and you will how useful your device will become.

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